Shenton Way is one of the main trunk roads in Singapore’s Central Business District. It has skyscrapers on both sides of the road. It is a one-way street which starts at the junction of Commerce Street, Central Boulevard and Boon Tat Street, and ends at Keppel Road. The road is built entirely on land reclaimed from Telok Ayer Basin. The road was intended to be named the Raffles Way but was later named Shenton Way in honour of Sir Shenton Thomas. Sky Everton CBD is located within minutes to Shenton Way near to Singapore Central Business District. The developer for Sky Everton is Sustained Land .

Sky Everton CBD, Shenton Way Located at Singapore Central Business District

He was the Governor of Singapore from 1934 to 1946. This was as an appreciation of his decision to remain in the colony during the 1942 Japanese invasion of Singapore. Shenton Way was officially opened in 1951. It hosted a lot of government offices and commercial developments which were built there especially from the
1970s. It continues to be a prime property address to date.

Shenton Way Located at Prince Edward Road

Amongst the key landmarks is Singapore Polytechnic campus. It was the first structure to be built on reclaimed land. It was completed in 1958 at Prince Edward Road, off Shenton Way. It remained there until 1979 when it was relocated to Dover Road campus it situated to date. Trade Union House [TUC] and Singapore Conference Hall were the first modern buildings to be constructed along Shelton way. It was officially opened in 1965 and demonstrates distinctive Malayan features.

The building was designed to suit the tropical climate in the area. It is equipped with a cantilevered roof and features terraces to provide natural ventilation. They also provide shading which help to keep the building cool. Extensive renovations were carried out on the building after Trades Union Congress relocated from the building. It was later reopened as Singapore Conference Hall.

Buildings and Offices Along Shenton Way

The construction of Shenton House, UIC (United Industrial Corporation) Building, and Robina House was completed in 1975. They shared a similar tower and podium design. The buildings were connected to Shing Kwan House across the road by an overhead bridge famously known as the Golden Bridge. In 2015, the Golden Bridge was demolished to pave way for the Thomson-East Coast MRT. Shenton Way is also home to a lot of government and financial institutions such as Development Bank of Singapore (DBS) Building and the Central Provident Fund Building. The DBS building has been redeveloped into UOE Downtown, a mixed use project comprising of serviced apartments, offices and retail spaces. A bus interchange has been constructed in Shenton Way in 2017. It will serve commuters coming into and leaving
the CBD.

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